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11 health benefits of breadfruit leaves


Breadfruit is one type of growth that produces fruit. In the world of medicine, some parts of the breadfruit plant are often used as herbal remedies to prevent and treat a disease. One part of this plant that is useful is the part of the leaf. Then what are the benefits of breadfruit leaves for health? Here are 14 health benefits of breadfruit leaves as highlighted by NGHUBS

1. Reducing Cholesterol Levels

The first benefit of breadfruit leaves is that it can be used to reduce cholesterol levels. For use, it is quite easy. You can simply prepare a piece of breadfruit leaves that have been dried and then brewed with hot water. You can consume these ingredients regularly.

2. Prevent Inflammation

Breadfruit leaves can also be useful to prevent inflammation or inflammation. For use, wash a piece of breadfruit leaves that are old to clean, then boil using 5 cups of water. Let the water boil and the remaining half. Strain the breadfruit leaves decoction, then you can drink the herbal ingredients directly.

3. Maintaining Heart Health

There is a study which states that breadfruit leaf extract ( Artocarpus altilis ) contains flavonoids and sitosterol which are efficacious for maintaining heart health. This is because of its ability to significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels.

4. Overcoming Gout

The benefits of breadfruit leaves are then used which can be used to treat gout. For its use, prepare a handful of dried breadfruit leaves and then brew them with boiling water. You can also add it with sugar or honey to reduce the bitter taste caused by breadfruit sap.

5. Helps Treat Kidney Stone Disease

Containers of saponins, polyphenols, acetylcholine, tannin, hydroxyic acid, potassium, riboflavin, and phenol contained in breadfruit leaves are believed to cure kidney disease (kidney stones). Potassium contained in the kidneys will help destroy Ca-oxalate as the main cause of kidney stones.

The destroyed Ca-oxalate will then dissolve and together it is excreted in the urine. Although it has not been able to be proven scientifically, but the use of breadfruit leaves in patients with kidney disease shows signs of improvement such as reduced protein content in urine and loss of swelling.

6. Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

Based on the results of research conducted by Puspa DN Lotulung, Sofa Fajriah, Andini Sundowo, and Euis Filaila from the LIPI Chemical Research Center, showed that flavonoids contained in breadfruit leaves can be used as strong anti-diabetics.

7. Treating Heartburn

Breadfruit leaves contain potassium which is useful to stabilize the stomach acid so that it is believed to relieve heartburn. In addition, the other contents contained in breadfruit leaves such as riboflavin, hydrosianic, tannin, polyphenols, hydrosianic are very good for protecting intestinal mucous membranes and counteracting the cancer-causing chemicals of colon.

8. Prevent Free Radicals as a Cause of Cancer

Breadfruit leaves contain high enough antioxidants, where antioxidants are compounds that play a role in counteracting free radicals that can lead to cancer. Therefore, herbal ingredients with the basic ingredients of breadfruit leaves can be used to prevent cancer.

In addition to the 8 benefits and efficacy of dried breadfruit leaves for health that have been mentioned previously, there are various other benefits of this leaf that you need to know. Here are some other benefits of breadfruit leaves for health:

9. Shrink the Swollen Spleen Naturally

10. Reduces the Risk of Hypertension

11. Maintain Liver Organ Health

12. Overcoming Allergy Problems

13. Removing toxins from the body (detoxification)

14. Treating Toothache

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