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16 things you can only see in Japan


Japan is one of the most popular countries in the world.

Its impressive natural characteristics, its high standard of living and its unique traditions and architecture combine and make it an admirable nation. It is the people themselves, and their wild inventiveness, that make Japan a truly special land.

The following inventions and customs are so ingenious that you wonder why we do not have the same things in the West?

Take a look at these 16 things that you can only find in Japan

1. Service stations
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
In case you do not reach the hose to the gas tank of your car, the Japanese have presented the following solution: aerial hoses that hang from above.
2. Vending machines
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
In Japan you can get anything from vending machines, as evidenced by the hot food offered on this machine. The streets are full of these machines. And you can buy at any time, mainly a wide range of drinks – including alcohol – for a very reasonable price. Remember to carry coins in your pockets.
3. Compact parking
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Although Japan is much smaller than countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia and China, it has a population of 127 million people (concentrated mainly in urban areas). In addition, the country is a renowned car power. For all these reasons, they have created the multi-level parking lots to take advantage of the space.
4. Braille drinks cans for the blind
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
All soda cans in Japan are printed with a braille pattern near the opening.
5. Chairs to hang your bag
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting


n Japan, not only do ladies carry bags. Entrepreneurs often carry papers, computers and comics in a bag. Someone finally realized that the chairs should be made to measure to hold the bag.
6. Trains with spa
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Spas are part of Japanese culture. They are so integrated into their lives that even some trains can relax their feet after a day of exhausting work. Very comfortable, right?
7. Free Hand-Out Tissues
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Japan is undoubtedly a curious place,
Here local businesses give out free paper handkerchiefs in the streets (with your business card attached). Most public restrooms do not dispense toilet paper, so it’s a great idea!
8. Too much complicated toilets
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
The toilets are more complex in Japan. In fact, they show a range of diverse functions. The most impressive thing is that they double as bidets. And it will surprise you quite the first time you sit in a nice heated toilet.
9. Stress Busting ‘Poppers’
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
They say that the Japanese are very vulnerable to stress (due to long working hours and the shortage of paid holidays). It’s no wonder that these keychains – inspired by the bubble wrap – are in style
10. Automatic doors in the taxi
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Taxi drivers do not need to worry about how they close their car doors because they have created automatic doors. Most taxis have this feature. Another interesting fact about taxis is that drivers wear elegant black suits and ties.
11. Capsule hotels
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Tired? It does not matter what time of day it is! There are many capsule hotels perfectly designed for optimal sleep.
12. Musical roads
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
If you drive through these tracks marked with musical notation, you will hear a cheerful melody that will guide you forward. You set the tempo-speed-and the ‘orchestra’ of the road does the rest.
13. Cafes for cats
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
These coffees are very funny. They cost around $ 20 for an hour; in exchange for the pleasure of being entertained by the prettiest cats in the neighborhood.
14. Air-conditioned tables for winter
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
A kotatsu is a warm table covered by a blanket futon. Everyone lies down and places his legs under the blanket. It is not long before someone falls asleep, given the comfort. It is very common in all homes.
15. National ad system
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting
Japan is covered by a vast speaker communication system that can be heard at regular intervals, proclaiming important warnings related to earthquakes and extreme weather events. They often play music for school children to exercise. Also every day, at 5:30 in the afternoon, a lively theme sounds that reminds children to leave the streets and go home for dinner.
16. Sleeping at work
japan, Japanese inventions, interesting


his habit of sleeping at work may seem strange to you. But there it is considered a sign of good duty. In Japan, people work more hours, although they often sleep. And the same thing happens in universities where students attend conferences to obtain assistance credit, but rarely pay attention

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