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5 dating mistakes women make with men


We cannot read each other’s mind. However, we can prevent unpleasant situations by trying to avoid making some certain mistakes. The things included in the list below should never be done if your goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with your man.

1.- To think that being beautiful you have everything fixed and that you do not need anything else. Men are very visual, I’m not going to deny that, but the physicist only keeps them until they manage to take you to bed. For a man to want to engage in a relationship you have to be an interesting woman, who knows how to be, feminine, and sure of herself. So do not focus 100% on your physique, it’s important but it’s not everything.

2.- Teach him all the time that your point of view is the best, that you are always right . Listen to that man first and if you do not agree with him, do not make him feel bad. Accept that you have a different point of view but do not try to impose yours , especially if it happens on the first dates. The only thing you will get with that is to run away and not want to stay with you again.

3.- Start to tell you all your CV, your education, where you work … with all kinds of details. Even if you are a CEO of a large company you can tell, of course, but not focus the whole conversation on it. With this the only thing you’re going to do is turn everything into a business appointment and that’s what you do not want. Talk about things you feel passion for , your hobbies, your personal life, friends, family … it ‘s a personal appointment so do not focus on the professional.

4.- Not being able to summarize your best and most interesting qualities in a short period of time. Imagine that you find a man you like very much at the bar of a bar where you went to have your morning coffee, he sits close to you and starts a conversation. Maybe you only have five minutes, in that case my advice is that you do not speak only you , listen to what he wants to tell you. Men do not like women who only talk and talk and do not know how to listen. The conversation has to be approximately 50% each. Interview yourself for your life and ask questions .

5.- Speak all the time badly of other women. No matter how smart you are, do not put the rest of the women below you, if you are much smarter than the rest you will realize, you do not need to speak badly of all the others. It’s okay if for example you’re having dinner in a restaurant and a woman with a dress that looks awful comes in and you tell her how ugly you think that woman is, but if you make that comment about all the women around there, it does not say nothing good about you

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