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5 infectious diseases you can get from kissing


Is it a kind of a kiss? Kissing is to press your lips against your lips, but everyone knows that it is an act of expressing love between couples.

Saliva is an indispensable existence in a kiss. In other words, it is inevitable that bacteria move back and forth between two people .

In this article I will not talk about the mind connected with kissing and the social meaning of kiss .

There is no disadvantage at all, saying that no one talks about the disadvantage of kissing. Through saliva, diseases and bacteria move.

In most cases, kiss has merit more than risk. But, to avoid “Avenai” kiss, you have better noticed .

1. Infectious mononucleosis

Because it moves through saliva, it is commonly called “kiss disease”.

  • It is a disease caused by the EB virus moving through saliva.
  • It is a virus commonly seen by young people , but it is a disease that can take up in any age .

Symptoms include fever, sore throat , swollen lymph nodes and so on.

how to distinguish

If you see the above symptoms, pain medicine is prescribed after examining the virus by blood test, depending on the judgment of the specialist,

2. Cytomegalovirus

Regardless of name hear, this virus is common. Once infected, it will remain infected for a lifetime .

Cytomegalovirus is infected by contact, transfusion, sexual activity etc of body fluids.

What is surprising is that most people with immune systems are not at risk so much that most people are not conscious of being infected with this virus.

However, if a small baby is infected with this virus, you may face health problems even if you become an adult, so you need to be particularly careful.

how to distinguish

Like the EB virus introduced earlier, it can be distinguished by blood test. In many cases, treatment with cytomegalovirus is not necessary.

Antiviral drugs are prescribed only in limited cases, but of course it is important to keep them clean from everyday.

3. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an infectious disease that mainly affects gums, and bacteria are constantly secreted in the mouth.

It is an infection caused by a calculus stuck to teeth and gums. Symptoms include bleeding, redness and swelling of infected areas.

how to distinguish

If one of the symptoms applies, you should show it to the doctor immediately.

Gingivitis may cause the periodontal pocket between teeth and gums to become larger in addition to bad breath.

4. Streptococcus pharyngitis

Streptococcus pharyngitis is sometimes simply called tonsillitis, but it is a painful throat infection. In this case, bacteria called group A and group B streptococci affect the throat directly.

This infectious disease is transferred by contact of a healthy person with an infected person . It may be infected with trivial acts such as sneezing or chewing a nose.

how to distinguish

The following symptoms can be seen:

  • Sore throat or mussel
  • White exudate at the back of the throat swelling
  • headache fever

In order to confirm the diagnosis, take a throat specimen with a cotton bud. If the result is still unclear, culture inspection may be done.

5. Herpes cold

Herpesvirus mainly moves by kiss. Labial herpes is an infection disease found in lips, mouth, and gums . It infects with a highly infectious virus called herpes simplex virus.

how to distinguish

Symptoms will appear after 1 to 2 weeks after infection with virus. Herpes gives rash with pain. In addition to herpes, the following symptoms may also be seen:

Symptoms usually disappear within 2 weeks. Antiviral agents and paints are prescribed and hygiene guidance is given.

What should I do before kissing?

  1. To elevate the immune system, take the correct meal.
  2. Brush your teeth in the right way .Do not forget the importance of dental floss.
  3. Take a medical examination at least once a year.
  4. Replace the toothbrush every 3 months.Use mouthwash to suppress bacteria

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