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5 skills to find a job and strengthen your profile


Looking for a job is the beginning of a cycle in which you are prepared to find the position and activity that generates income and makes you grow as a person and professional.

Finding it is not an easy task, more if you still do not know where you want to go. In addition to various economic aspects, being employed at present is a challenge because companies demand more and more technological knowledge, management of several languages, leadership skills and ability to solve problems in a short time.

The good news is that the numbers say that the outlook to find a job in Colombia is favorable. In 2017, the employment rate was 60% compared to 9% unemployment. If you have been looking for a long time or are about to start that path, do not be discouraged. Discover your potential with these five skills to strengthen and find work.

Know yourself better to define your goals

Convincing others means that you must believe first in yourself . When looking for a job, be sure of your knowledge ; If what you know how to do is what you enjoy most, you will undoubtedly succeed. Define how you want to see yourself in ten years in your profession.

Be disciplined

Do not let yourself be overcome by obstacles. If in your job search you have not found the opportunity you dream of, try again in other companies, areas or activities. Remember that in working life you face constant challenges; the key is to be persevering and disciplined.

It’s all about having a positive attitude

An optimistic vision helps you face and solve problems effectively and quickly. Look at difficulties as opportunities to make positive changes in your life.

Faced with a weakness, recognize it with courage and execute actions to find a new direction . In your work, be your own motivator to face the moments of crisis. This will help you meet your goals.

Take interest in learning

The ability to be self-taught will help you learn new skills to enrich your professional profile and resume. This practice remains in your working life since you start looking for a job and always stays with you.

Prepare for the changes

The professional world is constantly changing, so you must learn to adapt to changes and be flexible to new work situations. Discover how your knowledge and skills could be applied in other fields.

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