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7 common habits that destroy our kidneys


One of the most important organs in our body are the kidneys. They regulate blood pressure and remove toxins from the body. Many of our habits, which at first sight seem completely harmless, can seriously damage the kidneys. Find out what destroys our kidneys in order to avoid kidney failure and live longer.

1. Protein food increases the burden on the kidneys

One of the most important functions of the kidneys is the removal of urea from the blood, which is formed as a result of the digestion of protein foods. If you eat a lot of meat or eggs, the burden on the kidneys increases, this has a bad effect on kidney health. Over time, their ability to filter blood can deteriorate. To correctly calculate the normal amount of protein in food, there is a very simple formula – divide the weight of your body in kilograms by 2 and you will get the optimal amount of grams of pure protein in the daily diet.

For example, if your weight is 80 kilograms, then daily you need to eat no more than 40 grams of pure protein. Such quantity of proteins is contained in 200 grams of beef or in 4 chicken eggs.

2. To transfer illnesses “on legs” – to worsen kidney health

Are you coughing? Do you have a cold and mild ailment? Is my head aching and my appetite gone? Urgent go to the doctor and take care of the common cold. Even when it seems to you that the cold is easily transferred, your kidneys are heavily loaded.

Many people do not give the cold a serious meaning, but in vain. In a week you will feel better, but your kidneys will suffer the heaviest loads. Therefore, prevention of colds is always the prevention of kidneys.

3. A large intake of salt – harms the kidneys

In table salt contains sodium – a chemical element that directly affects blood pressure. The more salt you consume, the more difficult it is for your kidneys to remove excess sodium. Constant excess of permissible norms leads to increased pressure, that is, hypertension – the most common disease in our country.

It is impossible to refuse salt at all, it is the most important element in our daily diet. But what is the norm of salt intake for a healthy person? Every country responds to this question in its own way. I personally believe that 5 grams per day is normal. But be careful, in almost all our food products, from milk to bread, manufacturers put a huge amount of salt.

4. Sweet carbonated drinks heavily load the kidneys

According to scientific studies, the consumption of a large number of popular sweet carbonated drinks gives an excessive burden on the kidneys. All these colas are a poison to our body. He simply is not adapted to digesting and assimilating such chemistry.

And how much soda can you drink without fear of harming the health of the kidneys? American studies were conducted on groups of people using about two tin cans of soda per day. In translation for the metric system – it is slightly more than 0.5 liters. In three years the tests showed an increased protein content in the urine of these people, and this is the beginning of renal failure.

5. Prolonged use of drugs may cause kidney failure

You got a headache and you immediately took a pill. The first symptoms of a cold and you immediately run to the pharmacy behind the advertised drug. For any reason, you take pills. Then do not be surprised that one day you will be denied the kidneys.

But what about the treatment of a cold, which also damages the health of the kidneys? For this, there are simple recipes available to every person. It is not necessary to treat simple diseases with expensive medications.

6. Dehydration of the body badly affects the health of the kidneys

Feel thirsty? Drink water, do not tolerate, if you have the opportunity to buy a simple mineral water, juice or other drink. For normal functioning, the kidneys need a lot of water, about 2.5 liters a day for a healthy adult. It is water, and not different teas and coffee to filter the whole “bouquet” of substances contained in these drinks, the kidneys need even more water.

Do not forget that you lose some of the water along with sweat. On hot days or during physical exertions, for example, training in the gym , always keep a bottle of water with you. Why be thirsty if you have access to fresh water.

7. The use of alcohol and cigarettes – a great harm to kidney health

Each of us knows perfectly well about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol, but very few people understand the details. Ethyl alcohol leads to precipitation of urea in the renal canals, our main filter is clogged and can not function properly. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack risk – all this becomes a reality, if not get rid of bad habits.

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