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7 reasons why you should always eat green apple before eating


Any kind of apple contains essential nutrients with good health effects.

But among them, low calorie nutritious green apples are especially recommended .

The green apple has a distinctive sour taste, most of it is made of moisture. So it’s perfect for detoxification and hydration .

It also contains important nutrients such as vegetable fibers, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and ingesting these nutrients helps the mind and body health .

Recently it has been recommended to eat green apples on an empty stomach as well as for energy supplementation, as it raises metabolism and prevents disease .

There are still few people who eat green apples on a daily basis. We will introduce in detail the seven reasons to eat more frequently.

1. Weight loss

It is only 80 kcal per green apple. Despite being low calorie, thanks to carbohydrates and amino acids, it is a very good energy source.

By eating green apples on an empty stomach, it not only helps digestion fibers by incorporating fibers into the body, but also has a feeling of satiety for a long time .The green apple’s nutrients raise metabolism at the beginning of the day, so it makes it easy to burn calories.

2. Diabetes prevention

Especially for those with high risk factors, adding green apples to the diet menu is an easy and effective way to lower the risk of diabetes .

  • The water-soluble fiber that is rich in green apple plays a role in metabolizing sugars, and urges the body to use sugar as an energy source.
  • Among the other foods, if you eat green apples in the morning, you can suppress the desire to eat sweet things and the body will use insulin correctly .

3. Cardiovascular health

Nutrients contained in green apples, specifically flavonoids and fibers, play a positive role in cardiovascular health.

Eating green apple suppresses the rise in cholesterol level and prevents plaque in the artery. The green apple contains a lot of potassium , an essential mineral that successfully balances the electrolyte in the body to protect the muscle and the heart .Inflammatory molecules that can cause heart, blood circulation, and brain complications can be reduced by green apples .

4. Digestion

Eating a green apple on an empty stomach will speed digestion and help constipation resolution.

A kind of fiber contained in a green apple, pectin regulates the activity of the intestines and improves the communication .The green apple has a light effect of releasing the gas accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract. It neutralizes excessive gastric juice and prevents dyspepsia and gastric juice from flowing back into the esophagus .

5. Brain health

Factors that affect brain health are various. However, by eating green apples every morning, you can prevent diseases that lead to a decline in cognitive function.

Among the antioxidants contained in green apples are catechin and epicatechin. These antioxidants protect brain cells from free radical damage. Flavonoids contained in vitamin C together with vitamin C and magnesium, will regenerate cells . By improving circulation, we optimize oxygen supply to brain tissue.

6. Skin health

Wrinkles disappear with a single shot it is not about trying to introduce miracles such as . But the antioxidant of the green apple is a wonderful ally to fight against the initial signs of aging of the skin.

The substance contained in the green apple, help rebirth and rejuvenate cells . As a result, wrinkles and spots decrease. Because the green apple contains plenty of moisture, it keeps the moisture content of your skin and gradually purifies it. The green apple stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin , a substance that keeps your skin strong and young .

7. Reduce plaque

The substances contained in green apples are very useful for the health of your mouth by reducing bacterial plaque formation.

Natural acid including green apple cleans teeth. Moreover, it prevents the increase of inflammatory bacteria .A green apple adjusts the pH value of your mouth by increasing saliva , and prevents bad breath.

Are you still living without eating green apple? From today, I read a lot of the benefits of green apple, please eat every morning, one skin every day .

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