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8 inventions that will will marvel you


Many people believe that it is useless to reinvent something that was already created. However, many times, small changes make a difference and end up improving products in unthinkable ways. This happened with the creators of these 10 inventions, who managed to transform simple objects into unique and original creations.

1. Smart bulbs

These incredible bulbs have recently appeared on the market to revolutionize the electrical industry. The lights use LED technology to create energy-saving light bulbs capable of regulating the intensity of light. Each focus has a Bluetooth module or Wi-fi that allows you to synchronize the device with your phone, tablet or computer, giving you the possibility to adjust the lights, turn them off, turn them on, and even change the intensity and color.

2. The invisible bicycle helmet

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Created by Swedish students, the invisible helmet is composed of an airbag that is placed on the neck as if it were part of a coat and activated with a button before starting the ride. The sensors of this helmet detect the abrupt movements in such a way that, in a situation of real danger for the cyclist, the protective airbag is deployed, preventing injuries and accidents.

3. The door of development

This door, created by the artist Klemens Torggler, has the ability to open and close with a small push. In addition, it can be built with different types of materials such as glass, metal, wood and plastic.

4. LiquiGlide ™ (Liquid slider)

The LiquiGlide is a non-toxic material that can be applied to different surfaces, making them hydrophobic to prevent the aqueous substances from adhering to them.

5. Renovator toilet opener

This wonderful invention uses the same principle of all plumbing unclogs, but by sealing the entire toilet bowl, creates more empty space that in turn generates more pressure in the pipe, obtaining a faster and more efficient result. The procedure is very simple: the plastic sheet is applied and the toilet is sealed with the adhesive, so that, when running the water, the pressure inflates the plastic. Then, with a little push, the toilet will be uncovered.

6. Draw your own electrical circuits

This magnificent invention allows you to draw your own electrical circuit on a sheet of paper, using a special pencil ..

7. Luminous current socket

SnapPower is a plug-in case, built to replace your ordinary coverages at home. It combines a light sensor and an LED bulb that turns on when it is dark. LED lights use very little power and can work up to 25 years.

8. Edible water

This is a new water container that consists of a kind of seaweed in which it is possible to store liquid. The seaweed is hygienic, edible and biodegradable, which makes it an economical and ecological option to replace plastic bottles

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