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8 Signs that she is about to break up with you


Many men had to experience it: Actually, everything seemed to go well in their relationship, but then she suddenly broke up. There are 8 sure signs that a woman is preparing to break up.

Usually , women do not break up suddenly . Men can see the end of a relationship with some signals:

1. She is just annoyed

The toilet lid is open, your socks are lying around and how you smacked while eating, she could never suffer. If your partner is only kidding you, you should be alert.

Either there is a problem outside of the relationship and she has to let off steam or the problem is the relationship herself. Better to fix it up with her quickly, because if she gets upset with you, at least there are feelings left.

Or perhaps she has finally lost the pink glasses of falling in love. Here only speeches help, because the open toilet lid is not your problem.

2. She does inventory

When couples have moved together, one often no longer knows who actually bought which piece of furniture. When a woman prepares for separation and thus her own or her partner’s departure, she will begin to make some sort of housing inventory.

You’ll notice questions such as, “Which of us bought the dining table?” Or “What do you think our television is worth?” Sometimes, common gifts suddenly disappear like their favorite picture frames and wander in a carton to their parents.

If available, she will also eliminate any sexy photos that exist of her or you as a couple. The danger is just too great that the abandoned partner uses it out of frustration against her.

3. The changes

A new man, a new haircut, so the good old cliché – which is very often something to it. Especially when women want to break up after a longer relationship, they also feel the urge for an external change. A new hair color, a new perfume or a completely different clothing style could be a sign that she is planning a fresh start.

If she is now very motivated to start a diet and constantly running to the gym, your alarm should ring! Maybe she wants to increase her market value or she has a prospect of a new guy.

4. She does not make common plans

You want to discuss the next vacation with your partner , but she never finds time for it? She does not even know if she can come to your grandma’s 90th birthday or to the concert in two months?

There are two possibilities: she is so stressed out that she is not seeing any more land, or she simply has other plans for the future in which you no longer play any role.

5. She does not talk about her feelings anymore

Men and women are carved from the same wood, but when it comes to relationship, there are big differences. While men often realize in the end that something is wrong, women have usually already recognized and analyzed the problems.

If you have anything left for you, she will want to talk to you about the problems and try to find a solution. The masters of creation often find this unnecessary and unpleasant.

But it does not get really unpleasant until she does not want to talk about her feelings anymore. Then she no longer cares to save the relationship and is already thinking about separation.

6. She bypasses time for two

Usually women do not finish in the affect, but plan the separation in advance. Since this is of course unpleasant, she will try to spend as little time with you as possible in the weeks before.

She will work overtime and will not come home until late in the evening, visit her parents on the weekend and – if joint ventures can not be avoided – always invite friends. Time for two will definitely be rare.

7. She has secrets

She does not leave her cell phone lying around openly, goes to another room to make a phone call or closes her mail program on the computer when you enter the room? No question, your partner is hiding something from you.

Unlike men, women like to interact with their closest associates before they break up. Her family and friends play a very important role as counselors and peacekeepers before and after separation. They are usually already privy to their plans and will behave strangely in your presence.

8. She avoids caresses

At the beginning of a relationship, couples can barely keep their hands off each other. Over the years, this passion usually goes back. The sex is less and also the time in which one sat for hours smooching on the couch.

This is normal – after all, no one is forever like a freshly crushed teenager on the road. Hear the sex but complete on or becomes a chore program, something is amiss.

Especially women who have completed with their partner avoid caresses. If your girlfriend is emotionless and / or tense when kissing and hugging, that’s not a good sign

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