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Basic first aid: What you need to know


First aid are urgent measures that are practiced on people who suffered an accident or a sudden illness in order to protect their life until they can receive specialized medical care.

These measures do not replace medical care in any way . Do not forget to ask for help.

Bleeding or bleeding: press the wound with gauze or a clean cloth. The more abundant the bleeding, the stronger you must press. If medical attention is delayed, apply antiseptic to prevent infections.

Fainting: check if the person breathes. Take it to a ventilated place, loosen the clothes and, if it does not have wounds in the thorax, the head or the legs, raise it the last ones. Massage the neck and chest with a little alcohol without bringing the liquid to the airway. Once the person recovers the sense , warm it with a blanket or blanket.

Convulsions: remove clothing or any element that prevents the affected person from breathing. Avoid getting hit, turn your head to the right or left so you do not drown if you vomit or expel foam and do not put your hands in your mouth. Wait until the seizure ends to clean the person and cover it with a blanket.

Choking or drowning: the most affective is to apply the Heimlich maneuver; Do not hit the person on the back. Make yourself behind her (let her face turn) and run her hands over her stomach, one of them holding and the other covering her tightly. Press several times above the stomach and under the ribs until the object is ejected.

Burns: if the burn is superficial and there are no blisters, wash it with water. If it is very deep or there are blisters, cover it with gauze or a clean cloth while the person receives medical attention . Do not apply oils, toothpaste or any other element.

Fractures: prevents the wounded person from moving. Immobilize the fracture with boards, cartons or strips. If there is also bleeding, cover the area with gauze or a clean cloth.

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