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Can a pregnant woman have sex


Relational and sexual life is an important component of well-being and personal fulfillment. What about sexuality during pregnancy?

Sexual desire varies among women, couples and stages of pregnancy. On the emotional level, pregnancy brings transformations that can influence sexual desire.

The feeling of female pleasure can be increased by better vascularization of the genital organs or, on the contrary, decrease because of the discomfort related to pregnancy, such as fatigue, nausea and weight gain.

Sometimes the woman is less receptive to intimate contact, which can destabilize the partner. For the man too, pregnancy is a special time.

Faced with the changes and transformations of his partner’s body, he can feel both admiring and intimidated. He may also avoid sex for fear of causing pain or injury to the baby. Studies show that there is no danger in penetrative sex and that they do not cause miscarriages or premature deliveries.

Orgasm can cause temporary contractions. In special cases, the doctor may advise to renounce sexual intercourse.

There are no standards as to the number or frequency of sexual intercourse. In late pregnancy, the baby takes more space, the couple can adapt positions that make you feel more comfortable or adopt other forms of intimacy such as caresses and exchanges of tenderness.

Good communication and a relationship of trust within the couple are essential to allow the expression of fears, desires and questions and to promote a positive experience of sexuality.

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