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Causes of white stool and the solution


The colors and shapes of the stool are diverse, brown, black, and green. However, caution is required when white flights come out.

We can know the state of intestinal and gastrointestinal tract from the shape and color of stool. In other words, it can be thought that a change in the color of the stool is a sign of developing an infectious disease or disease.

When the stool is white or light color, it shows signs of some problem in the biliary system (pancreas, liver, or gall bladder).

The stool is brown depends on the bile salt secreted by the liver.

If the stool is white, there is a possibility that the liver is infected by some kind of bacteria or virus to delay the generation of bile or the bile duct is obstructed. It is also possible that the digestive system may not be able to properly absorb fat.

On the other hand, if the feces are bright in yellow or gray) and greasy, it is a symptom of “colitis”.

Experiencing some kind of stool changes and problems in life will experience changes in various stool from general to simple to temporary, from body warnings to life threatening things .

Not only the hardness and odor of the stool but also the color of the stool can make a variety of things.

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Cause of white feces

If you notice a white flight, let’s doubt the following cause:

1. Medicine

If you take a certain medicine, the color of your flight may change.

For example, an antibiotic used in the treatment of intestinal diseases such as infections and diarrhea, such as tuberculosis is especially dangerous . Also anti-inflammatory drugs and oral contraceptives can cause white stools.

Anabolic steroids that may be used as muscle potentiators cause medication-induced hepatitis and cause white feces.

Most of these symptoms disappear in a few weeks after stopping medication.

2. Hepatitis

Hepatitis occurs by the virus, but the liver causes inflammation and causes hepatitis A, B, C. Among them, hepatitis C is very dangerous and there is a danger of life unless treatment is started.

One of the symptoms of these hepatitis is a pale white color stem due to liver dysfunction.

3. Alcoholic hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis develops due to overdose of alcohol. It induces inflammation of the liver, but the time it takes for symptoms to appear appears to vary depending on alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis include fatigue, edema, hepatic encephalopathy, jaundice etc. Alcoholic hepatitis or viral hepatitis causes liver cirrhosis with white stools .

4. Biliary cirrhosis

Biliary cirrhosis is a terminal disorder chronic and irreversible liver disease that occurs when hepatocytes are destroyed, causing inflammation and inflammation of the bile duct of the liver.

Cerebral cirrhosis or the like occurs due to bile flow stopped and liver cells being damaged . And one of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis is white flight.

5. Gum

Gums with some tiredness cause white stools.

In addition, pancreatic cancer, biliary tract cancer, biliary tract cancer that blocks the bile duct (bile duct cancer or gall bladder cancer) changes the stool to light yellow or clay color as it is deficient in enzymes from the pancreas.

Also, food is not completely digested in the body, nutrients are not correctly absorbed, which causes malnutrition and fatigue .

6. Gallstone

Gallstone is a waste solidified in the gallbladder that interferes with the flow of bile and is made of hardened cholesterol or bilirubin. When the gallstone is very large, it closes the bile duct, so the color of the stool becomes thin.

If gallstones do not disappear with treatment medication, it is necessary to remove them by surgery.

7. Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a disease that causes inflammation in the bile duct and forms a scar tissue, and the color of the stool decreases as bile flow decreases.

However, this disease can be treated by medication or surgery.

Diagnosis and treatment of white stool

Because white feces are likely to cause serious diseases and health conditions,be sure to follow the doctor’s guidance when receiving a doctor’s diagnosis and knowing its cause.

In order to receive the correct diagnosis the following tests and tests are required:

  1. Blood test: Determine whether certain abnormalities occur in the body
  2. CT scan: Generate internal image of the body and make a diagnosis
  3. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERCP): Special MRI shooting detailed images of the bile duct system
  4. Ultrasound examination in the abdomen: generate images of organs and confirm that everything is normal liver function test surgery to identify defects in the biliary tract

Treatment of the causes of white stools will restore the normal color, but if the cause of discoloration such as chronic illness can not be cured, the white color will continue.

Children’s white stool: cause and cure

Understanding the state of the intestines of children helps to identify health conditions and diseases.

White stools or diarrhea are common symptoms in children when they ingest milk or foods that do not fit in the body.

However, it is important to understand the cause of children’s white stool and how to treat it, in order to protect children’s health.

Cause of child’s white stool

  • Child’s meal quality, quantity, recipe,
  • Ingestion of cold food
  • dyspepsia caused by parasites that damage intestines
  • Onset of hepatitis in which bile production does not function properly Virus

Children’s white feces cure

When a child’s flight turns white, the first thing to do is go to a doctor. The doctor will do a bacteria test by fecal culture test.

As white stools and diarrhea continue, it causes dehydration in the body and requires water and mineral salts, so please do not lose your moisture supply to avoid dehydration .

Norovirus and other viruses and bacteria that cause white feces may require treatment with antibiotics, but please do not absolutely administer anti-diarrheal drugs, including loperamide, to children without prescription

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