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Cohen denies rumour that Trump ate confidential document


Former US attorney Michael Cohen denied rumors that Donald Trump after a meeting with him allegedly ate a confidential document. So the lawyer commented on the episode, described in her book of memoirs by the former assistant to the head of the White House, Omaros Manigol-Newman.

“I appeal to the dozens of journalists who asked me about Omarosa’s statement that President Trump took a note from me, put it in his mouth and ate … I’ve never seen anything like it and is shocked that someone could take it seriouslyCohen wrote in his Twitter microblog

An episode with a paper-eating ex-assistant to the US president described in his book “Crazy: a look from the White House Trump”, which will be on sale from August 14. In the memoirs, Manigol-Newman called Trump “racist”, suffering from “mental illness”.

The president of the United States did not remain in debt: at a rally of bikers in Bedminster, Trump called his former assistant “pathetic.”

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