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Conspiracy versions of the match between Russians and Croats


It is clear that it is extremely difficult to separate sports from politics, no matter how they tried to do it. For a long time already not a single football match can not do without political resonance. But on the match between Russia and Croatia, the stars generally came together in a special way.

The fact is that the fans with the experience of the memorable circumstances of the passage of our team in the final part of the European Championship in 2008. It was then almost a triumph and a bronze medal. But at the very finish of the qualifying tournament, our way out was seen in a continuous fog. In order for the holiday to continue, it was necessary a small miracle – the victory of the Croats over the British and even on their field. And the Croats won the victory, although they already did not need anything, and left the founders of football overboard.

Then there were persistent rumors that some Russian businessmen well stimulated Croatian heroism, promising the Slav brothers in case of success, almost by “Mercedes” on the brother. It is clear that since then, London’s hostility to our football has grown exponentially. And on the eve of the match there were rumors that, they say, now we need to return that debt and without any problems to miss the Croats in the semifinals.

But it was not so bad. Much more seriously going to assess the possible underlying reason for the Russian victory. Then the fantasy wandered. For a long time there were so many conspiracy versions. And the main thing was that not without reason, two state-owned Russian banks hastily restructured the debts of the Croatian corporation “Agricol”, which – joking aside – in a small country provides work as many as 60 thousand people. Like, not just because the Russians hope to win, everything is prepaid in advance to such methods. So the national payment system “Mir” has already congratulated its national team in advance.

Leave the haste of “Peace” on the conscience of its PR people. But the question of how expensive professionals from the Croatian team, which have long taken root in Western countries, can be made to “merge” the match out of solidarity with a not very fortunate enterprise, it seems that conspiracy experts were not particularly interested.

But the fog of anticipation of the revelation of another pro-Russian conspiracy was dull. It hurts a hassle-free championship. It is necessary to exacerbate some comments. To see the sharp ears of Moscow behind all this holiday of sport and life.

So, such is the zugzwang, as chess players say. This is when any move only complicates the situation. And our fight with the Croats is just a classic manifestation of such a phenomenon. Already the feathers are sharpened, the keyboards are wiped. They wait only in which direction to bend in the analysis. And the game itself – for some it is secondary.

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