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Critical habits of mentally strong people


Being mentally strong can  as having both reactive and proactive qualities. Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. 

1. They practice self-discipline.

They make themselves do what they know they should do, whether they feel like it or not. Not every single time, but they do this most of the time

2. They say “I’m responsible”.

Even if something isn’t their fault, mentally strong people always feel responsible for their responses to any situation.  They stay proactive and take charge when problems or difficulties occur.

3. They work hard.

Mentally strong people have an appetite for work. They keep going until their brain literally fails them for the day

4. They practice worst-case scenarios.

Seneca the Younger, an ancient stoic philosopher, was an extremely rich man. To not allow himself to go soft due to his wealth, he practiced being dirt poor for several days at a time.

He wore tattered clothing, ate stale bread, and slept outside in the streets.

That way, if he ever lost all his wealth, he would be mentally prepared for the lifestyle of a poor person and better able to recover.

5. They are easy on others and hard on themselves. 

Mentally strong people are empathetic and kind to others, while also being ruthless with themselves and their own excuses at the same time.

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