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Differences between love and attachment


Love and attachment are two different issues. Although the sensation that they can generate is the same (the well-known butterflies in the stomach, anxiety to see and share with the other person, constantly think about what they are doing, desire, feel that you can almost float), there are important differences in the background.

When there is attachment, the other person becomes a unique source of affection , happiness is sought and found alone in it. There is no balance between self-esteem and love for the other.

If you suffer more in a relationship than what you enjoy and even then you are not able to finish it, when you check messages and information of your partner in social networks, email or wallet looking for signs of infidelity;

When you feel lost when you are alone and you do not have peace if your partner does not accompany you anywhere, if you always put your partner first before your own well-being, if you endure physical or verbal abuse, if you can not bear your partner to leave without you to have fun with friends , if you think that no one else is going to love you in case they end … all these factors are alarms that tell you that your relationship is based more on attachment than on love.

The situation can arise from both you and your partner, both of them. It is time to take action on the matter and improve if they are projecting into the future.

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