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Does exercise increase sex stamina


For many men, the thought of being unable to provide a lasting and deeply fulfilling sexual experience for his partner is something that causes stress and anxiety.

Sex is integral to a thriving relationship. It bonds you. It keeps you connected.

There’s nothing worse for a woman during sex when she’s just about reaching the point of orgasm – and her partner ejaculates early or starts losing his erection. If you’re a man, you need to know how to increase your sexual stamina to ensure you can satisfy your partner in bed.

While exercise can increase your physical ability to continue the rhythmical action required to last longer sexually, it doesn’t ensure a hard erection nor will it ensure your ability to stay in control of ejaculation.

30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and another 30% from erectile dysfunction. 80% of women have problems achieving orgasm during intercourse. 

These problems happen because men and women aren’t taught a relevant start-to-end procedure which explains the mechanics of sex. With this advanced sex education it becomes easy to increase your sexual stamina (and libido) and for both partners to enjoy a mutually fulfilling act.

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