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Experts warn of new STI superbug that could make women infertile


A new sexually transmitted disease ,
Mycoplasma genitalium , could make 3 ,000 women infertile every year and become the next super bug unless it is tackled , experts have warned .

Cash -strapped NHS services are misdiagnosing the MG infection because of a lack of testing kits which cost just £ 4 ( $ 5. 30 ) each, reports Mirror UK .

The British Association of Sexual Health and HIV on Wednesday issued new NICE -approved guidelines to prevent an explosion of infection rates within 5 to 10 years .

MG currently affects one in 100 people and if untreated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which causes infertility .

Experts say a lack of test kits means it is regularly confused with chlamydia and treated with incorrect doses of antibiotics – building up dangerous antibiotic resistance which could see it soon become untreatable .

Paddy Horner , spokesman for the BASHH , said : “ We can ’t afford to continue with the approach we have followed for the past 15 years as this will undoubtedly lead to a public health emergency with the emergence of MG as a superbug.

“We are asking the government directly to make this funding available to prevent a public health emergency waiting to happen and which is already spiralling out of control .”

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