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Fani- Kayode reacts to Suleiman’s prophecy about his wife


Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to Apostle Suleiman’s prophecy that there will be an assassination attempt on his wife.

Kayode in an Instagram post commended Apostle Suleiman for revealing what might befall his family. 

He however expressed confidence that nothing will befall his family.

Kayode said

”I thank the Lord for using the great Apostle Suleman to expose the evil plan of my adversaries to assassinate my beautiful wife, Precious Chikwendu, in 2018.

“The bible says the Lord “reveals to redeem”. They shall fail because she is a daughter of Zion, she is hidden in Christ and she is covered by the blood of Jesus.

“If you want a fight face me like a man and leave my wife alone.

“Only cowards and vermin target the wives of their critics.

“No fear! No retreat! No surrender! We are unbeatable!”.

He also reacted to the killing by Fulani herdsmen in Benue state. 

The PDP chieftain said Buhari will one day be held responsible for all the fulani herdsmen killings in Nigeria.

He accused Buhari of turning a blind eye because the perpetuators are his kinsmen.

Fani Kayode said

 “Fulani herdsmen have killed 20 people and burnt down the homes of many in Benue state. Once again Buhari will say and do NOTHING.

“Why should he when these animals are his footsoldiers and kinsmen? I call for justice to be meted out to these bloodthirsty and murderous tsetse flies.

“Behold the works of the Islamist Janjaweed Fulani herdsmen and militia in Benue state yesterday. One day Buhari and his people will be held to account for this barbarism.

” He refuses to bring them to justice because they are his Fulani kinsmen and their victims are Christians! “

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