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Health benefits of cucumber


Few foods are good and healthy like cucumber, a fruit that has always played a fundamental role in the Mediterranean diet, and not only, thanks to its extraordinary beneficial properties

1) Source of vitamin B

Cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin B that can be taken either by biting a nice slice of fresh cucumber, or drinking a tasty cucumber extract, a tasty beverone that in recent times is also very fashionable!

2) Source of vitamin C

Not only vitamin B, however, is present in the cucumber. In fact, especially the peel of this fruit is very rich in vitamin C and if you are used to peeling it know that in this way you lose a lot of nutrients and minerals. In fact, this fruit gives the body all the vitamins it needs during the day and, in addition, it helps in the physiological hydration since it is composed of 95% of water, which helps to expel toxins.

3) Source of silica and other vitamins

Expanding the discussion to a more general context, it can be said that cucumber is a fundamental and important support for improving the overall state of health. In fact, silica is a very important component for the reconstruction of connective tissues but it is also an excellent source of vitamin A, B1, B6, C and D. Preparing a cucumber and carrot juice also helps to counteract the appearance of uric acid, main responsible for the pains caused by gout and arthritis.

4) Remedy for skin irritations

If you really can not eat the cucumber peel, at least do not throw it away! In fact, this part of the fruit is a panacea to reduce skin irritations and to give relief in case of burns, like aloe. Also, putting a slice of cucumber on your eyes is really portentous! This fruit helps to reduce the swelling after a lively and sleepless night thanks to the massive presence of silicon and sulfur, which are also useful for increasing and speeding up hair growth.

5) Reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer and ovarian cancer

It has been scientifically demonstrated that the lignans present in abundant doses in the cucumber, including pinoresinol, lariciresinol and matairesinol, help prevent the appearance of some particularly aggressive tumor forms . In particular. they are useful for reducing the risk of contracting breast and ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in humans.

6) Reduces the effects of alcohol

Are you returning from an evening with a high alcohol content? If the next day you can not afford to have a headache because you are waiting for a long day at work, eat some cucumber slices before going to bed and the hangover effect will be just a memory. In fact, this fruit contains abundant amounts of sugar and vitamin B that, in collaboration with the electrolytes, restore the deficient nutrients during a hangover, reducing the effects and even the headache.

7) Helps to eliminate toxins

Those on a diet are familiar with the benefits of cucumbers and always try to make good use of them. In fact, the cucumber is mainly composed of water and has a high concentration of fibers. This helps in the natural elimination of toxins , giving a great help to the digestive system. Also for this reason cucumber is recommended for individuals suffering from chronic constipation. In addition, the very low caloric intake of cucumber allows you to have a sense of satiety without exceeding the daily calories.

8) Stimulates the production of insulin

Among the beneficial properties of cucumber can not be forgotten the support that this fruit gives to the pancreas, especially in diabetic individuals. In fact, the cucumber is rich in hormones that stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin : scientific studies have shown that the constant intake of cucumber in people with diabetes has brought significant benefits. In addition, in the cucumber are plant sterols that contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels but also numerous vitamins and minerals that help restore the appropriate levels of blood pressure.

9) Counteracts halitosis

Do you suffer from bad breath or are you afraid of suffering? Do not panic! Just take a slice of cucumber, even not large, and press it for 30 seconds on the palate. The phytochemical compounds present in this fruit play an important antibacterial action , breaking down the colonies of bacteria responsible for bad breath.

10) Useful for household cleaning

Last, but not least, the benefits of the cucumber are not limited only to those for health, although important. In fact, rubbing a slice of cucumber on the glass before taking a shower you can avoid the annoying fog effect while rubbing this fruit on the hinges of the doors instead of the WD40, you can stop the annoying whistling of friction

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