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Health benefits of Moringa


If you have not heard about it and are interested in natural foods containing a wide variety of nutrients, you will regret not having known about moringa.

Why? What is moringa?

These and other questions may be right now in your mind, but calm, because we will respond to them in this article, in which we will mainly talk about the many benefits of moringa for health.

Knowing the plant

Moringa oleifera is a tree native to South Asia, but is currently cultivated and has been extended to many tropical countries.

The cause of its boom is determined by its properties, which make it an excellent natural element to obtain a rich nutrition and many other health benefits.

Not for nothing have its leaves been used by traditional medicine for centuries, to the point that the plant receives qualifiers such as “miraculous tree” or “tree of life”, being related to the prevention and treatment of about 300 conditions of the Health.

This rich natural arsenal of beneficial properties is very easy to grow, since moringa is characterized by rapid growth. Therefore, it is very attractive and advisable for poor regions, where nutrient consumption is low and of poor quality.

Multiple benefits

Moringa can be considered as a potent and complete food, thanks to its rich nutritional profile.

Its leaves are very generous in terms of providing vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

To get a clear idea we can point out that 100 grams of dried leaves provide nine times more protein than equal amount of yogurt, 15 times more potassium than banana, 10 times more vitamin A than carrots, 25 times more iron than spinach, 12 times more vitamin C than orange and 17 times more calcium than milk.

The beneficial plant compounds they contain contribute to lower blood sugar levels and make them have powerful effects in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Likewise, said compounds, especially the isothiocyanates and other elements such as flavonoids and phenolic acids, contained in the moringa pods and seeds, as well as in the leaves, endow the plant with effective anti-inflammatory properties.

This allows it to be used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and in the prevention of chronic inflammation of the liver.

As an oil, for the same analgesic capacity, it can be used topically to treat arthritis, moisturize the skin, and even as a fungicide or dressing with the power to preserve easily decomposable foods.

Finally, another remarkable benefit is the ability of moringa to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Due to that property, Thais traditionally use it as cardiotonic.

Abundance of antioxidants

As if that were not enough, moringa is rich in antioxidants.

This makes it a natural component of great value to combat free radicals in the body and protect the body from oxidative damage .

Given all these benefits of moringa for health, surely you will question why you did not meet before her or consume more regularly.

If you decide, it is very easy, since you can eat the same as a salad, add liquefied or boiled as if it were spinach, as a seasoning powder or dressing oil.

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