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How Spiff convinced Obasanjo to feature in his comedy


Samuel Ajibola, aka Spiff of The Johnsons, has revealed how he was able to get former President Olusegun Obasanjo to feature on his comedy skit, titled, Dele Issues.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the actor attributed the it to God,  adsing that getting Obasanjo to feature didnt take much time

“It took the grace of God for me to be able to feature OBJ on ‘Dele Issues.’ It did not really take much time before I got him to appear on the show. When God wants to bless you, it happens all of a sudden and before you know it, things work out very fast and you would be wowed.

“It was something that happened based on the relationship my management had with people at the youth development centre of the President Olusegun Obansanjo’s library.

” They wanted to do the 2017 youth dialogue programme and the ex-president was billed to be one of the special guests that day. Immediately I was called to host the event, the idea struck me and I told my management about it.

” I told them that I wanted to use my talent as my contribution to the awareness of the youths in this country today especially looking at the trend of youths emerging as presidents of other countries around the world. Nigerians are smart and intelligent people and I believe that we can do better.

“After discussing with my management and they approved of it, I planned everything and even though I prayed for the best, I also expected the worst. If it happened, fine and if otherwise, I would have embraced it as well. 

“When we met with the ex-president, he loved the idea and we did the skit and he left. I was prepared for that episode, I was on standby and I knew where he was going to sit down, so I waited for him there with the script. 

“When he arrived and bought into the idea and asked if that was everything, I was surprised at the question but replied in the affirmative. He then asked if he could infuse some things to the script and I obliged him.”

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