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How to celebrate Valentine’s day with your children


Valentine is not just a day to spend with our partner. When you have children, we must include them in our plans. And there are great ways to spend a Valentine with your children. From Seguros Catalana Occidente, we want to offer you some ideas to plan this day including the children.

How to involve them?

It is true that Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but it is also true that it is a day for love and friendship. So what better to turn Valentine’s Day into a romantic and family day .

We can transform our evening into a Valentine for children including activities and games that they can also enjoy: making crafts, helping to package gifts, placing balloons and other decorative objects in the house, helping in the kitchen.

There are many ways to to involve our children in such a special day.

Plans for a Valentine’s Day with children

The imagination of the parents should not have limit when it comes to planning a Valentine with their children. Anyway, we give you some ideas.

Food or dinner

If you have children, you can take advantage of them to help you making the dessert or preparing the decoration of the table. They will have a great time!


This is a day to give gifts to the couple, but neither should you forget to give something to your children. To make them feel more involved, they can also present gifts together as a family.


Designing or drawing a mural for parents can be a good idea for children to have a great time on Valentine’s Day. And you, as parents, will appreciate that gesture of affection and you will have a memory forever of your children.

Family games

For after dinner or lunch, you can prepare some family games: from traditional games (hide, hopscotch …) to board games or also enjoy the most modern video games.

Other activities

Why not leave the house? You can spend a family day with your children and go hiking, go cycling , play bowling, attend a concert … You can even let them choose their favorite activity!

There are many ways in which the day of the lovers can become a great day in family. Take the opportunity to unite family ties. Give imagination and make your children and your partner have a magical Valentine’s Day with you

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