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How to deal with premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder that affects 15 to 25% of men. It consists in the inability to delay ejaculation, which occurs almost always in the first minute after vaginal penetration.

This disorder generates personal suffering, shame, loss of self-esteem for the person who suffers and also for the partner, with an impact on the dynamics of the couple, sometimes leading to separation.

There are four types of premature ejaculation.

Primary premature ejaculation occurs at first intercourse and permanently. It is likely to have a genetic and neurobiological origin.

Secondary premature ejaculation is transient and can be caused by organic diseases (thyroid, prostate, and so on) or by psychological problems (anxiety, conflicts).

Variable premature ejaculation, which leads to a change in ejaculation control over the course of life in relation to different psychological experiences.

Finally, there are so-called cases of pseudo-premature ejaculation. The man is persuaded to suffer, while he ejaculates in a normal time, between 3 and 6 minutes after penetration.

Depending on the type of disorder, several therapies may be proposed. Medications first can be used to delay ejaculation. It is also possible to use anesthetic creams or sprays that are applied to the glans.

Pharmacological treatments are often essential in the case of primary premature ejaculation. It is also possible to start a sex therapy. The doctor will help the patient to understand and resolve the psychological factors promoting the disorder as well as to improve the psychocorporal management of sexual arousal

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