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How to get out of friendzone


Your circle of friends is an extremely attractive woman.
You see yourself more often, do some things, but the pure friendship is no longer enough for you? NGHUBS will explain 6 steps, with which you can develop a relationship out of pure friendship. You’ll find great tips on what to do so that not only you, but also your the other will also want a relationship.

1. Share activities

Of course, first of all it is advisable to do a lot. Make sure that you are two and not dragging countless acquaintances from any circles of friends. Finally,
you want to consolidate contact with her.
NGHUBS would recommend things that offer a lot of action, eg roller coaster driving in amusement parks. This pushes up the adrenalin level, which is especially good for flirting.

2. Physical closeness

You may have landed in the box one evening after you both had a drink. This simplifies a lot, because if you already have physical contact with each other, the first hurdle is created and you can be sure that you are not in the much-feared friendship zone .

Good sex is important! See that you sleep regularly. Most women are in the sex when the man harder hit. In addition, you should always be concerned about her orgasm. The female orgasm is more difficult to reach than the male, so an extensive foreplay is highly recommended to bring your dream woman on tour.

3. Communicate regularly

Make sure that you see them regularly and that you regularly do something together . If you meet again after a few weeks after a meeting, it will be much harder to build feelings in the woman. Instead, it is important for her to realize that you are a man she can rely on and who regularly contacts her.

4. Engage in long-term ventures

Things are important, you should have realized that by now. What is also helpful in companies, if they have to be planned very long term. For example, you can order concert tickets for which the event will take place in five months.

Of course you can also book a holiday together. You then have a common venture in the future that you both can look forward to. In addition, you show her by not only being important to you in the here and now, but also wanting to meet her in a few months.

5. Meet each other’s friends and families

A key element in bringing your friendship into relationship status are your families and your friends. Make sure that you get to know her family and her friends, and that she also occasionally sees your family and her buddies. Getting to know each other’s family is a rather unpleasant point for many because they do not know what to expect in each other’s home.

Often, your social environment also determines love or friendship

However, this gives you a huge advantage. The first advantage is that it gives your dream girl the opportunity to ask her best friend or mother what they think about you. And the opinion of the best friend and mother is really important! That’s why you always strive for your girlfriends. Not that her friends advise against it.

In addition, the whole thing has a second advantage. If you are often at meetings or parties, sooner or later your friends or buddies will ask you if you are actually together. This will make her much more aware of the situation between you.

6. Treat her like your girlfriend

Lastly, it is highly recommended that you treat her as if she were your girlfriend. In the evening, send her a text message in which you wish her a good night, grab her hand automatically during a walk, give her a kiss as a greeting. She realizes that you are very attentive. In addition, your goal of becoming a friend is much faster if you are already behaving as if you were her friend.

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