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How to motivate yourself to exercise


Sometimes you want to exercise but you you are not motivated to do so. However if you want to get yourself motivated to exercise

Find a partner.  It’s a lot harder to make excuses to not go to the gym when there’s someone depending on you. Competition can also be a good motivator. You can also pay a personal trainer to make coordination easier.

Find an exercise you enjoy. Rock climbing, biking, swimming, tennis, etc. can all be done by yourself or with a small set of people. There are also plenty of soccer, frisbee, etc. leagues if you’re into that. While running and weight-lifting would probably be components of an ideal weight loss program, the best exercise is the one you’re going to do regularly.

Track your progress. Simply tracking on a calender which days you go to the gym can be a good visual motivator to “keep the streak” going. Tracking weight lifted or distance will remind you how much progress you’ve made. Taking pictures of yourself is also a really great way to show yourself how far you’ve come and encourage you to keep going.

Eat healthily and get enough sleep. One of the best motivators for fitness is simply feeling better. With enough sleep and good eating habits, you’ll feel energetic and fresh throughout the day. That itself is a reward, but also, the more work you put into being healthy outside the gym, the bigger a priority being healthy in the gym will be. You won’t want to throw away all the good work you’re doing by being lazy.

Develop a mindset and lifestyle of fitness. Take the stairs; bike to work; walk to the grocery store. Don’t deprive yourself of things that you truly want, but just remember to ask yourself “is this cookie what I want right now?” “Will drinking another beer make me feel better or worse?”  Mindfulness is an important skill for life, and the more you cultivate it, the more you’ll find yourself acting healthily without needing to exert pressure on yourself.

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