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How to quit drinking


Whatever your reasons are to get healthier, save money, improve your personal relationships and work life, or just to see if you can giving up drinking may be a good choice for you. It’s difficult to give up anything you enjoy, and cutting out alcoholic beverages can be especially hard for some people. You can work towards your goal of giving up drinking by making a plan, creating healthy habits that help you avoid the urge to drink, and getting the support you need to quit.

 Decide why you want to quit drinking and make a list. Know why you want to quit drinking. Ascertain if its health related, financial related or otherwise. Once you have identified some of your reasons for wanting to stop drinking, you might find it helpful to write them down. You may wish to ask a supportive friend or family member to sit down with you and help you come up with your list.

Get rid of beer in your home. If you have a fridge full of beer at home, chances are you will be tempted to drink it. Give away or throw out any beer that you still have in the house. Ask anyone else living with you or visiting you to respect your efforts by not bringing any more beer into your home

Avoid tempting situations. If you find yourself too tempted to drink in certain places or situations, for example, at parties, sporting events, or bars then avoid those situations if you can. If you are unable to avoid going somewhere where you know you’ll be tempted, make a plan to help yourself resist the urge to grab a drink.

Spend time with supportive people. Hang out with friends and family who respect your desire to give up drinking. If you know someone is going to offer you alcohol, give you trouble about your decision not to drink, or tempt you by drinking in front of you, it may be best to avoid that person for awhile

Stay active. You’ll be less tempted to drink alcohol if you’re keeping yourself busy doing other things. Use the time that you would otherwise spend drinking by doing something that you enjoy or working towards something you’d like to accomplish. Try picking up a new exercise routine, working on a creative project, or learning a new skill or hobby

Refresh yourself with something else. If you feel tempted to drink, treat yourself to some other kind of refreshing treat or beverage. Try fruit juice, herbal tea, a sparkling beverage, or an electrolyte-rich sports drink. Alcohol-free beer is also an option, if you really crave the taste of beer but want to avoid the alcohol content. However, keep in mind that many “alcohol removed” beers do contain a very small amount of alcohol.

Keep track of your progress. Make note of any relapses, but also keep track of your successes. When the period of your plan ends, evaluate how you did and revise your plan if necessary. Then, keeping the things you learned in mind, try again

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