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How to reduce stress


Several factors can increase the level of stress during pregnancy: anxiety, isolation, fatigue , change, unplanned events, etc.

It is normal that you are more stressed than before your pregnancy, but too much stress can affect your health and that of the baby. Here are some ways to manage your stress everyday.

Think about the things that matter most to you

Eliminate or drop things that are not at the top of your list of priorities. Make lists if it helps you feel better organized.

Determine the things you control

Prioritize things you have control over and try not to worry about things beyond your control. To help you, determine your immediate needs and those who can wait. Set realistic goals. A sense of control improves self-esteem.

Learn to say “no”

To avoid being overloaded, do not spend all your time satisfying the needs of others. Think of you!

Make time for relaxation

You can read, take a walk or take a long hot bath, for example. Ask your partner or friend for help so you can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Everything will seem easier if you take the time to satisfy some of your own needs.

Make sure you get active, eat well and get enough sleep

This advice may seem trivial, but exercise , dietand sleep can have a big influence on your state of mind.

Attend prenatal classes

The prenatal classes will allow you to meet other pregnant women with whom you can discuss your situation or your concerns.

Ask for help if you feel the need

And accept the help of others.

Avoid letting off steam on your family members

If you constantly put them in a bad mood or angry outbursts, they will be less likely to provide support when you really need it.

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