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How to spot an intelligent person


Spotting an intelligent person might not be that hard. They seem to have common traits among them. We can use these traits to identify them.

1. Intelligent people think before they speak: When you ask an intelligent person a question, instead of shooting the answer quickly, they take their time and answer the question.

2. They are not afraid of being wrong: Truly smart people are not afraid of being wrong. When they seem to find a hard question, they tend to accept the defeat instead of fighting with their ego.

3. When they get into a conversation, they are informational: Smart people only take part in the conversation when they have something important to say or something that is meaningful.

4. They tend to stay up till late at night: Recent studies claim that eveningness is an evolutionary advancement that marks out ‘more intelligent individuals, while those with lower IQs tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime.

5. They are quite empathetic: Empathy is a core element of emotional intelligence. They tend to understand people’s feelings better.

So here you go, Few traits to identify in an intelligent person.

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