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How to treat bronchitis


Bronchitis refers to inflammatory diseases, which irritates bronchial mucosa. May occur in connection with smoking, as a result of hypothermia or as a result of improper treatment of colds. A characteristic sign of bronchitis becomes cough, at first it has a dry character, later it becomes wet.

Symptoms of Bronchitis

The main symptom of bronchitis is cough. In the early days of the disease, he was dry with severe night attacks. Because of the cough, the patient often can not sleep properly and suffers from physical ailment. After a few days, the cough becomes wet and, with the right tactics of treatment, the bronchitis passes for 10 days. Quite often are cases when a cough, in the form of a residual phenomenon after bronchitis, lasts much longer than the illness itself. This is due to the fact that the process of restoring the bronchi after the inflammatory process is quite long

Treatment of bronchitis

There is an opinion that treating bronchitis with folk methods can help a patient to stand on his feet as quickly as possible.

  • Before starting treatment it is important to stop smoking, as smoking contributes to a more severe course of the disease, delaying recovery.
  • It is necessary for the patient to stay in bed and frequent warm drinking. At physical exertions with bronchitis there may be shortness of breath, it is very important not to bear the disease on your feet.

Considering the question of therapy for bronchitis, for starters, you need to identify two important points:

The tactics of treating bronchial inflammation are affected by the form of the disease (infectious or bacterial) and the type of leakage (acute or chronic);treatment of bronchitis should be comprehensive. The result of only taking medications in most cases will not be effective enough.

In this case, it is medical therapy for bronchitis that is simple enough. By itself, it does not require any complicated drugs or procedures. The main thing that this disease requires is a correct determination of the pathogen of the inflammatory process and the form of leakage.

Antibiotic therapy for inflammation of the bronchi

The question of using antibacterial drugs for bronchitis causes quite a lot of debate. But official medical protocols say that the use of antibiotics to treat this disease is necessary in two cases:

  • if inflammation of the bronchi is caused by a bacterial infection;
  • if the course of viral bronchitis occurs with complications or the patient is diagnosed with concomitant diseases.

The list of antibiotics here is classical for bacterial infections: penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides. The choice depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

In most cases, with the viral origin of bronchial inflammation, antibacterial drugs do not have the necessary effective action. In addition, they can cause the development of bronchoobstructive syndrome – congestion of the bronchi caused by edema of the mucous membrane.

The main symptom of bronchitis, which indicates the need for antibiotics, is sputum with purulent inclusions. With his presence, the doctor prescribes an additional study, according to the results of which he appoints an antibacterial agent. But in no case with bronchitis antibiotic can not be prescribed independently. The likely harm from its use can significantly exceed the expected effect.

Inflammation of the bronchi in acute form is almost always treated at home and requires only preparations of local effects. Antibiotics for bronchitis are not a key medication.

Use of antiviral drugs for bronchitis

The fact that inflammation of the bronchi is provoked by a viral infection, in itself hints at the need to use antiviral drugs to treat this disease.

But, the question of using drugs of this group is very, very debatable. Many doctors are sure that antiviral drugs with proven effectiveness do not exist and to combat viruses the body needs to simply create optimal conditions. In some ways they will be right. Another group of doctors says that it is necessary to suppress viruses with antiviral drugs and without them can not cope with the disease.

Used in viral infections, two drugs: interferon and oseltamivir. In this case, no one takes them in a pharmacy without a prescription and does not drink without a medical appointment. The use of antiviral drugs is indicated for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, in most cases with concomitant hospitalization.

The truth is, in fact, somewhere in the middle. With regular leakage, bronchitis is overcome without antiviral drugs, as well as without antibiotics. If the disease is accompanied by complications or there are individual prerequisites, the use of medications of this group can be justified and necessary.

Now about that, without which you really can not do with bronchitis.

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