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How to whiten the teeth


Do you want to have white teeth like those that appear on television or in magazines? This is something that can be achieved, but it requires a lot of effort and certain daily routines to achieve it. With the necessary care, our teeth will not only look pretty, but will also be clean and therefore more healthy, free of bacteria and other infections. NGHUBS have prepared a series of tricks to be able to smile with white teeth.

Natural enemies of your teeth

When we talk about teeth, we always come to the recommendations of our parents or dentists who told us that we should stop eating sweets because they produce cavities, but there is another series of foods that in addition to producing this decay or even tartar , they will get yellowing our teeth, so we should avoid them at all, or if we take them, we should wash our teeth immediately.

Among these foods are coffee , tea, red wine, and those foods that have a darker color and, therefore, if they stay a long time in our teeth, in the end they end up damaging our enamel.

The snuff is another of those elements harmful to our teeth, plus it is harmful to our health in many ways, but when we see the teeth of a person who habitually smokes, you will notice a more yellowish darker shade or two and In some cases, it may turn a darker color, almost black.

On the other hand, we find certain medications that are also very harmful to the enamel that covers our teeth, so, before taking a drug, you should ask your pharmacist or doctor, the possible side effects they have and if it affects, therefore, the health of your mouth.

How to whiten the teeth?

At present we are lucky that, to see our most beautiful teeth, we have at our disposal a myriad of methods to do it, getting that in addition, they are much more careful and strong.

Natural medicine

The home remedies have always accompanied us throughout life, using some classical methods, but today, still serving. For example, if you go for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and do not have a toothbrush handy, try an apple for dessert. Foods like this, or for example raw carrots, will help clean the stains on your teeth, but it is still important that when you get home, you wash your teeth thoroughly.


We must always remember what dentists recommend, which is brushing our teeth after every meal and especially before going to sleep. It is in the dream period when bacteria attack our teeth the most, since we are not generating saliva that can fight them. Remember to clean your teeth from top to bottom and not from side to side, since you would scratch the enamel and it would not look so good.


Every day it is more common to find in pharmacies and supermarkets, different products that ensure that you can get up to 3 whiter shades using this product. Although this is true, you have to know that before using them, you should follow the brushing routine, because, if not, it will be useless.

Whitening in dental clinic

Of the methods to get teeth whitening, dental clinics are the best option. The dentists are going to look at your teeth, checking what is causing them to be yellow, and they are going to carry out a very professional treatment with you, which will not only consist in whitening sessions within the clinic, but also some habits in your daily life that will make your smile have a healthier color.

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