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I fall sick every december- 9ice


Popular Nigerian musician Abolore Adigun, better known as ‘9ice’ in a recent interview revealed he falls sick every december.

The gonga as crooner explained to Showtime how he falls sick every December and his son, Zion, took after him, which is why he was also sick last December.

He said; 

I fall sick every December and I think the boy is just like me; he’s my carbon copy and he is experiencing everything I’ve gone through in life. 

“I recently noticed it and confirmed that it is hereditary. Funny thing is he would be sick but nothing will happen to him. 

“If I ask him what exactly is wrong with him, he would say nothing; then I would ask him why is he sick but he would say I shouldn’t worry that he’s fine. That’s exactly what happens to me every December, so it’s a normal thing.”

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