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Is condom 100% safe


Condoms have no age, no sexual orientation, they are male and female and can be bought easily. If we stop at its function of preventing pregnancy, it is the most used way (38%), well before the pills (27%) or IUDs (14%) *.

Yes, but are they reliable? The answer to this question depends mainly on the users!
Indeed, quality tests always give quite satisfactory results. The latest test done by the newspaper “Good to Know” was about their potential health hazard, and the article concludes that it can be abused without concern.

In fact, the problem that comes first in the list of condoms is …. to put them!
Indeed, many couples say they use condoms, and when you dig a little, you realize that some do not always use it. Condoms better adapted to the anatomy, wider, narrower, thinner or plastic enhance the sensations. The sexual health and family planning unit offers a free fitting set as needed.

In other problems, are often mentioned the risk of breakage or slippage. In fact, this rarely happens (about 2% for slips and 5% for breaks).

As far as breaks are concerned, I can mention the two important causes encountered in counseling interviews. The first concerns storage: condoms in the pocket, in the bag, in the purse … small boxes recovered from hard plastic or metal can both make their transport more discreet and safer.

The second cause is the lack of lubrication. The addition of lubricant is absolutely essential for anal penetrations, and depends on the natural lubrication of the woman in vaginal penetrations. Silicone lubricant dries less quickly than water-based lubricant.

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