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Is it good to wear flat shoes daily?


It is usual to talk about high-heeled shoes and the many problems that can lead to our health, because they can modify our way of walking, our bone structure and other problems, however, little is said about it. good or not to wear flat shoes daily. This article will tell you what are the recommendations of the specialists regarding this footwear and what you should know about them.

Is it good to wear flat shoes daily?

Here we have the big question that everyone wants to answer, but we will have to talk about different nuances before we get to the answer, which we will give you in great detail.

Currently the quality of both women’s and men’s shoes has been improving, both in materials, more durable and resistant, mixing with others that make us feel more comfortable in the footprint.

This footwear must also have some characteristics in front of our footprint, since not only will it affect our feet, creating pain or discomfort (and all this without mentioning the blistering, chafing and other problems), but it is going to extend throughout our body, because a bad step can condition the muscles of our legs and extend to our back, being the cause of problems in this area.

For many women it may be that the heels stylize the body or it is much easier to walk with them, but in the end, the body suffers and enormous problems occur, but is the flat footwear exempt from such problems?

For many years, women have carried in their bags the famous dancers that are practically a very thin and totally flat footwear, to relieve the feet after a long night with heels, using when you are back. This shoe called “minimalist” is also being used in running shoes, seeking a total connection with the ground that is stepped on, strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs, preventing our posture from being modified due to the shoes with cushioning that they are giving so much talk in recent times.

What is the best flat shoe for daily use?

The best flat shoes for everyday life are those that have a hard surface and some cushioning to withstand the hustle and bustle of the day. They usually have several centimeters of sole, so when you step on you feel the comfort of the aforementioned cushioning, but you will not notice the relief of the road, something that is appreciated. In the same way, and as we have told you above, you will be more isolated from the humidity of the ground and from possible puddles that form on the sidewalk, so the protection you will have is maximum.

You will avoid the use of high-heeled shoes that can create you injuries when walking, but you will have your feet safe in sneakers that you can use even on long trips, both to spend the whole day working, as if you want to take a walk or practice tourism with them, since the cushioning and its design tend to be more favorable in all the senses.

On the other hand, for those who wear high heels to look a little higher, they have to check that these flat shoes with platform will help you to see a few centimeters taller, so they have many benefits for you .

Problems of flat shoes

The choice of a flat shoe has to be conscious and you must know the pros and cons of each model, you should avoid at all times that footwear that has an extremely flat sole , since it will give us very little protection in front of the ground in which we tread.

Not only do we talk about if, when we are walking through the city, we are going to feel each one of the asphalt’s reliefs, but if, for example, we walk clueless and step on a puddle, the humidity will fill us quickly and we can provoke everything type of infections in the foot.

The problem intensifies if we decide to trek with these shoes, since our foot will not hold the ground well, being able to cause a sprain or something worse because our body is not used to walking with them.

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