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Killings: SERAP wants governors tried for looting security votes


A human rights advocate group has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the federal government to prosecute governors for stealing their states’ security votes.

SERAP said the alleged crime by the governors is the root cause of the incessant killings across states.

The group also gave the president seven days to begin investigation and publish names of complicit governors.

The letter said:“The lack of transparency and accountability in the spending of security votes is the real cause of many of the security challenges confronting Nigeria.

“State governments across the country are failing to ensure the safety and security of Nigerians and residents despite huge yearly allocations of security votes to governors. These funds are purportedly appropriated for state security.

“However, despite these huge expenditures on security, many state governors are failing to prevent kidnappings, cultism, assassinations and other unlawful killings, maiming of residents and destruction of property.

“SERAP is concerned about the growing allegations of mismanagement, waste, and corrupt practices in the spending of security votes by several state governors.

“Rather than using security votes to promote, enhance and ensure peace and security in their states, many governors have allegedly used and/or still using it as conduit to divert public funds for private gain.”

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