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Labour rejects Zuma’s statue, demands its pull down


The United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC) has rejected the erecrion of South African President Zuma’s statue in Imo state by governor Rochas Okorocha.

The group described honoring of President Zuma by Gov Okorocha as being insensitive of the plights of Imo citizens and also possess the dangers to Nigeria if not roundly condemned and excoriated by well-meaning Nigerians.

Mr Joe Ajaero, the president of ULC called on Imo indegenes to demand for the pull down of the infamous statue erected by Gov. Okorocha.

He said

“We are not against honouring great men and women who have contributed positively to the development of the state to encourage them to do more but we know that whatever must have informed the choice of Jacob Zuma at this time must be everything but altruistic and patriotism.

“How he became a Nigerian or Imo State champion cannot be explained and beats our imagination. Zuma is not  a Nigerian patriot, contributed nothing to the Nigerian project and the Imo State effort at development. He is not Shehu Shagari, Sam Mbakwe, Awolowo or Zik of Africa; either is he any of those patriots from Imo State or other parts of Nigeria who are well-deserving of such honour and who have not been honoured. He definitely does not deserve a statue in Imo State talk less of naming a street after him.”

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