National Assembly presents 16 bills for first reading


The House of Representatives which is the lower chamber of the National Assembly during Tuesday’s plenary session presented sixteen(16) bills for first reading, NGHUBS reports

The sixteen bills presented includes 
1. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Establishment, etc.) Bill, 2017 (HB.1199) (Executive)
 2.Extradition Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB. 1187) sponsored by Hon Ahwinahwi
3.Evidence Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB. 1188) 

4.National Human Rights Commission Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB. 1190)  

 5. Federal Character Commission (Establishment, etc.) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB.1191) 

 6.Optional Paternity Leave Bill, 2017 (HB.1192) all sponsored by Hon. Edward Pwajok

7.Evidence Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB.1193) sponsored by Hon. Garba Datti 

 8.National Integrated Rural Development Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2017 (HB.1194) and

9.National Universities Commission (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Bill, 2017(HB.1195) both sponsored by Hon. Garba I. Mohammed

10. University of Land and Air Transport, Zaria (Establishment, etc.) Bill, 2017 (HB.1196) 

 11.Federal University of Technology, Kaduna (Establishment, etc.) Bill, 2017 (HB.1197) and

 12.Federal University of Technology, Lagos (Establishment, etc.) Bill, 2017 (HB.1198) all sponsored by Hon. Abbas Tajudeen

 13.Sexual Offenders (Registration) Bill, 2017 (HB.1199) sponsored by Hon. Idagbo Ochiglegor 
14.Federal Agencies Performance and Evaluation Bill, 2017 (HB. 1200)

15.National Automotive Council Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB.1201) sponsored by Hon. Igariwey Iduma EnwoEnwo

 16. Trade Disputes Act (Amendment) Bill, 2017 (HB.1202) (Hon. Abubakar N. Danburam).

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