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Natural ways to treat anxiety


Probably we have all been victims in one or more moments of our life of anxiety. There are even those who spend most of their days under that state or sensation, which can be originated by both physiological and psychological elements.

However, unless we immerse ourselves in it, and its causes and symptoms require specialized medical attention, anxiety can be treated through natural treatments, some of which we share with you in this article.

It does not matter if your symptoms are insomnia, dizziness, tension, irritability or palpitations, following some of these treatments will help you enormously to control it.

Physical exercise

Much has been written about the benefits of practicing sports and physical exercise for human health.

In this case, exercise is also an excellent natural treatment for anxiety, which controls and compensates immediately and accumulated.

A psychological explanation is that by practicing it regularly our self-esteem rises, in addition to that we feel healthier and stop worrying about diseases, a thought that often involves us in depressive moods and anxiety.

Breath deeply

Breathing deeply, in the style of yoga, allows us to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a natural and very simple treatment, consisting only in controlling the times during which we inhale and exhale the vital and beneficial oxygen.

Ideal times are to inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for seven and exhale through the mouth during the same interval.

Doing this at least twice each day will reduce our anxiety, simply because we can not breathe correctly and be anxious at the same time.

Steam shower

Steam baths to warm the body is another natural way to treat anxiety.

This is because, by heating the body, we reduce muscle tension and influence the neural circuits that influence the mood, which can quickly move from depression or anxiety to a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Correct power

Eating correctly is another natural treatment for anxiety to consider.

So important and effective it can be, that we think only how anxious and irritable we get when we feel hungry.

Therefore, one way to control the disorder that monopolizes our attention is to feed ourselves in the right way, enhancing the consumption of whole foods, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, lean meats and seafood.

Important in a diet to control anxiety are foods rich in folic acid and phytonutrients, which help reduce anxiety.

Likewise, it is essential not to skip breakfast, as many anxious people often do. It is the most important meal of the day and in it we must try to have egg, containing complete proteins and choline, which also reduces anxiety.

Finally, if we are in a depressed mood and feel that food is the cause, we can go to a piece of dark chocolate, a handful of nuts or other snacks that will solve the problem immediately.

Green medicine

The grandmother or another connoisseur of green medicine will tell us that nothing like plants to treat anxiety naturally.

Infusions of species such as chamomile, green tea, valerian and passionflower are excellent sedatives and relaxants, which can reduce our anxiety and calm us whenever we need it.

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