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Negative effects of alcohol


Many of us like to have a drink, or several, from time to time. According to sociological research, it is the favorite entertainment for a considerable percentage of the young people of our country.

However, the consumption of alcohol, although we all know that in excess is highly harmful to health, is something that we will always have to try to stay below.

It is not enough to set ourselves a rational limit so as not to get drunk and suffer painful hangovers and episodes of vomiting. The less we take, the better it will be and our body will greatly appreciate it.

Why? Well, because alcohol has innumerable negative effects.

Generalized damage

Numerous investigations show that the consumption of alcohol damages the human organism.

The most known affectations are those suffered by the liver, but these extend to the whole body and most of our organs.

On the liver

Since we mentioned it, to know thoroughly the negative effects of alcohol we begin with those that it has on the liver.

In this organ, the frequent consumption of alcohol causes a progressive accumulation of fat, which in medical slang is known as fatty liver. Although this fat can be eliminated with determination, dietary changes and specific treatments, its occurrence affects the liver functions and can trigger serious damages in the organism.

Similarly, the consumption of alcohol can irritate the liver cells and produce the so-called alcoholic hepatitis. In this scenario, if the consumption of the negative substance persists, the aforementioned cells can become inflamed and destroyed, thus causing the appearance of cirrhosis.

Other negative effects on the liver, and derivations of these, are malnutrition, jaundice, a condition that causes the skin to turn yellowish, and edema or fluid accumulation in the extremities.

In the pancreas

In this small but important organ, alcohol can condition the development of acute and chronic pancreatitis, capable of causing death.

Its influence on the pancreas also favors the appearance of other major ailments such as diabetes and peritonitis.


Alcohol has several negative effects on the stomach. The most extreme is the cancer of that organ, but it can also cause esophagitis, irritation of the stomach walls, peptic ulcer and hemorrhages.


Irreversible and immediate damage occurs in the brain as soon as alcohol is drunk. A reason for weights so that many adopt the wise decision to be abstainers for life.

And it is that the substance of marras irreparably damages the cells of the important organ, and alters the form and function of the cerebral neurotransmitters.

Autoimmune system

The consumption of alcohol decreases the number of white blood cells in the blood, which causes failures in the autoimmune system, thus raising the chances of getting infections, either viral or bacterial.

Reproductive system

Finally, this system is also affected by alcohol.

Frequent drinkers are victims of a decrease in their libido and, consequently, their sexual activity.

Likewise, some men may develop impotence or become infertile, while women may experience menstrual and hormonal disorders, in addition to becoming equally infertile.

In short, that the negative effects of alcohol should be something to always keep in mind, to never forget that drinking it, little or excessively, is like playing with fire

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