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Nigerian Police Salary Structure


The Nigerian Police (formally the Nigerian Police Force) is becoming a really cool employment-wise. The salary is considerable. And you’re pretty confident you will get it at the end of every month. This is a post about the Nigerian police ranks and their salaries in 2018.

In total, the Nigerian police is responsible for the peace and order in the country. The police force number consists of about 372 000 people but this number is not enough to prevent all the criminal cases. This is why it was recently approved that the police staff will increase to about 650 000 police officers.

So, first of all, we should mention that the Nigerian police is a rather serious structure, which was built in 1930. Nowadays, it consists of 36 teams which is spread across the country and are classified into 12 various zones. It should be noted here that all these zones are operated by the seven various administrative organs. There are over 2 000 police stations in Nigeria.

Arms of the Nigeria Police.
Administrative arm
Anti-Fraud Section
The Central Criminal Registry
Special Anti-Robbery Squad
X-Squad, General Investigation
Special Fraud Unit
Legal Section
Forensic Science Laboratory
Interpol Liaison
Police Mobile Force
Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
Force Intelligence Bureau
DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter Terrorism Unit.
Note that a Nigerian police officer’s salary is dependent on his or her rank in the Nigerian Police and grade. That being said, we shall take it from the recruit to the Inspector General of Police and you will learn about new salaries of different ranks in the Nigeria police force.

1. Police Recruit
Salary per month – N9,019.42
Annual Salary – N108,233

2a. Police Constable Grade Level 03
Salary per month – N43, 293.80

Annual Salary – N519,525.6

2b. Police Constable Grade Level 10
Salary per month – N51,113.59

Annual Salary- N613,363.08

3a. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)
Salary per month – N44,715.53
Annual Salary – N536,586.36

3b. Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)
Salary per month- N51,113.59
Annual Salary – N613,365.08

4a. Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)
Salary per month – N48,540.88
Annual Salary – N582,490.56

4b. Police Sergent On Grade 05 (step 10)
Salary per month – N55,973.84
Annual Salary – N671,686.08

5a. A Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)
Salary per month – N55,144.81
Annual Salary – N661,737.72

5b. Sergent Major On Grade 06 (step 10)
Salary per month – N62,204.88
Annual Salary – N746,458.56

6a. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)
Salary per month – N73,231.51
Annual Salary – N878,778.12

6b. Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10)
Salary per month – N87,135.70
Annual Salary – N1,045,628.4

7a. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step1)
Salary per month – N127,604.68
Annual Salary – N1,531,256.16

7b. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step10)
Salary per month – N144,152.07

Annual Salary – N1,729,824.84

7c. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step1)
Salary per month- N136, 616.06
Annual Salary- N1,639,392.72

7d. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step10)
Salary per month -N156,318.39
Annual Salary – N1,875,820.68

9a. Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1)
Salary per month -N148,733.29
Annual Salary -N1,784,799.48

9b.Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10)
Salary per month -N170,399.69

Annual Salary -N2,044,796.28

10a. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step1)
Salary per month – N161,478.29
Annual Salary -N1,937,739.48

10b. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step 10)
Salary per month – N187,616.69
Annual Salary-N2,251400.28

11a. Chief Of Superintendent Of Police on Grade 12 (step1)
Salary per month – N172,089.06
Annual Salary -N2,065,068.72

11b.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step8)
Salary per month-N199,723.96
Annual Salary -N2,396,687.52

12a. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1)
Salary per month – N183,185.73
Annual Salary -N2,198

Source: Current Job vacancy

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