No one can do anything about my being gay- Bobrisky


Popular Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has reiterated he is gay and that no one can do anything about it.

Bobrisky in his Snapchat post last Tuesday threatened to snatch many married men in 2018.

Bobrisky said,

“In 2018, I’m ready to suck my bae’s thing dry. Na my property I need to take care of it.

“I’m gay and my bae fuck my ass, what else? Na today prick dey enter ass hole. Even some guys fuck their girls ass self so what is new about it.

“Abeg this is 2018, mind your business and drink water.

“If you like the one you have, don’t start sucking it. Let it mistakenly fall off your hand and see, you go see how I snatch am for your hand. And if you are not careful I go still beat you on top.”

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