Reno attacks Momoh for saying Buhari ruled better than Obasanjo


Aide of former President Jonathan Reno Omokri has attacked Tony Momoh for claiming 3 years of Bihari is better than that of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to Reno Omkri former president Obasanjo did more than Buhari could ever do. He highlighted the anti corruption fight of Obasanjo which favoured no side and his empowerment of women.

Reno wrote

Obasanjo introduced the GSM revolution. He paid off our entire foreign debt. He never owed salary for even one day. He set up the EFCC and put Ribadu there. He tamed political sharia. He never favoured his own people. He empowered women and for the first time ever simultaneously made women finance, aviation and education ministers. He had youths in his cabinet. He increased our foreign reserve to $67 billion and turned Nigeria from a pariah state to a proud state. After this, one sycophant called Tony Momoh, is bold enough to say 3 years of Buhari is better than 8 of Obasanjo! May Tony Momoh’s life be ran the way Buhari is running Nigeria.

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