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Reno reacts to recent outbreak of Ebola in Congo


Reno Omokri, aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the recent outbreak of Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr Omokri warned Nigerians to pray the outbreak don’t reach Nigeria as the present administration cannot curtail the outbreak as the past administration did.

He said the APC led Government might end up blaming DR Congo or even Jonathan should Nigeria experience outbreak of Ebola.

Reno said

“With the resurgence of Ebola in DRC Congo, Nigerians should pray it does not get to Nigeria because unlike the previous government that acted fast to contain Ebola, if it comes now, this administration does not have the capacity to contain it.

“Their likely response will be to blame DRC or even Jonathan and the PDP. This is no joke. Remember that they blamed herdsmen on Gaddafi, and blamed their inability to initiate, start and finish any project in three years on Jonathan.

” Ebola does not respect propaganda. It will ravage Nigeria if it gets here under this regime that cannot accept responsibility for anything.”

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