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Rep react to Electoral act amendment bill


The House of Representatives has affirmed that it had no design on president Muhammadu Buhari to acquiesce to Electoral act before him.

The chairman of the committee in the person of Mr Abdulrazak Namdas disclosed to the press yesterday.

Namdas said the House would take actions in accordance to it’s constitutional power should the president fail to assent the Bill in which a mandatory 30 days had been given for the Bill to be signed.

He added that the president has been lethargic about the electoral bill and that he has the habit of giving unnecessary excuses. These he said would not be tolerated, and that the House have options beyond Electoral Act.

According to the chairman, it is required that the House wait for the president to act before taking any further step to execute it’s own actions. Their action he said would be depended on whatever decision the president makes.

If the president assent the Bill, then there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm so the House will have to wait rather than act with too much confidence on what the president would do. Said Namdas.

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