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Reps wants codeine and tramadol banned


The Nigerian House of Representatives has raised alarm over the abusive use of codeine and tramadol among youths in Nigeria today.

The house also called that urgent measures be taken by appropriate agencies to regulate the circulation of such drug especially in the North.

A member from Sokoto State, Mr. Abdulsamad Dasuki, also called for a ban on the sales of codeine and tramadol over the counter as the abuse was because they are easily accessible over the counter.

Dasuki stated that boys and girls were already abusing the drugs freely and becoming addicts in the process

For example, members said statistics indicated that in Kano and Jigawa States alone, three million bottles of codeine were consumed by youths daily.

The House noted, “If this number is consumed in just two states of the 19 northern states, when the figures of the other 17 states are added, it is catastrophic.”

The House added that codeine had been identified to cause health risks such as breathing disorder, asthma, and kidney disease.

The motion partly read, “Codeine abuse poses a major challenge of unparalleled description to the survival of the region in particular and the nation in general as its youths and womenfolk are faced with  the threat of being rendered useless from adverse effects of the abuse of the medicine.”

One member from Adamawa State, Mr. Abdulrazak Namdas, told the House that drug abuse could be a reason for the recent rise in spousal violence, including murder.

We have seen lately, cases of wives killing their husbands or husbands attacking their wives.

“These incidents may be tied to drug abuse and the craze to smoke Shisha and other substances,” he said.

The motion was passed in a majority voice vote at the session, which was presided over by the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara.

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