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Senator Sani open up on reordering election timetable


The senator representing Kaduna central in the national assembly, Shehu sani has on Thursday urge the federal government to get rid of state independent electoral commission (SIECOMS) in the country ahead of the 2019 general elections.

On the question of if he would be contesting to replace Gov Nasir El-Rufai at the Kaduna state government house, the senator averred “In politics, there are things you want and there could be a decision later on what may be or may not be. In the process where reconciliation is taking place now, I think it is in our interest to first of all, according to what the president said, put our ambitions in our pockets and wait for Asiwaju to address the problems.”

He also debunked the view held by many about the national Assembly. To him, there are no such thing as pro and anti Buhari senators.

He added that senator was elected to fit in the office of pro or anti Buhari. Instead, they were elected to discharge their duties as required by the Nigeria Constitution. Having said that, he gave reasons as to why state independent electoral commission should be abolished.

One is the fact that the hitherto position as it were, where you start from the president and end up with the states was one in which we had the “bandwagon” effect.

According to him, in the presidential election smaller parties feel intimidated when someone from a mega party is declared a winner. This sends a wrong message to the opposition parties in their respective constituency making them feel they are out of the race. And that it is going to be the winning party all through.

He suggested, that the presidential election should come last so that Nigerians can have a free and fair election free from all sort of manipulations. To him, with all these, there wouldn’t be mass burial’s and mass convictions and by that, each person will be acquitted before "Justice Electorate"

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