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Signs that you use the cell phone in excess


The cell phone has become an essential element in people’s lives. More and more people can not be without him for a long time for personal or work needs . Is it your case? How do you behave if you do not have your mobile at hand? How much does the idea of losing it or leaving it at home affect you? Do you limit your relationships with others to social networks and chats? Do you suffer from cell phone addiction?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2009 more than 50% of the populations of the countries used cell phones. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a body attached to the United Nations (UN),published in mid-2016 that almost everyone -95% of the world’s population- used some type of mobile device.

It is not that these devices are bad, but their excessive and irresponsible use can have negative consequences for the human being. Numerous physical and psychological conditions have arisen, or have intensified, because of it. Carpal tunnel syndrome, diseases of the spine, eyes and ears ; The dependence, the nomophobia (fear of losing the cell phone) , among other problems, add to the affectations currently suffered by the social relations of the people.

Many people do not look at others when they speak to them by being attentive to the screen of the mobile device . Others consult it in places and times that are not appropriate, such as a movie theater, a romantic date or a family reunion. Do you feel identified with this description or do you recognize a relative or friend in it ?

Making a diagnosis of what is happening in your everyday life from the handling you give to your cell phone is easier if you identify the signs that you are using it excessively . You may not be aware of the situation, so we invite you to stay open to the possibilities and evaluate yourself.

It is essential that you reflect on the use of your free time, on sharing quality spaces with the people you love and on doing various activities that do not involve the use of technological devices . Think of life, think of yourself!

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