Simple ways to make her feel special

One thing ladies find so attractive is when you open up to them about your feelings, insecurities, problems, dreams, and goals.

Making a woman feel special is not as difficult as it seems. Truth is, they tend to appreciate the little things that you do for them more than the grand plans you still thinking of wowing her with.

That is what she likes because it is enough proof to let her know you care.

Couples grow apart from the longer they stay with each other, that happens to best of us often. It seems like a natural phenomenon but that should not be the case.

Times like that is what pulls love towers when ignored. Be the caring one by letting her feel special one more time and continually. brings to you five ways of making her feel special.

1. Compliment her

Don’t hesitate to tell her how beautiful she looks or how catchy her smiles are. Don’t assume she already knows how attractive you find her.

Burb out to her especially when it has taken her much to get a new look or a new hairstyle. You have no idea how you can make her feel so elated throughout her day by telling her she looks good.  Make her know that you got your eyes on her by admiring any new thing that sparks her looks.

2. Express your feelings

One thing ladies find so attractive is when you open up to them about your feelings, insecurities, problems, dreams, and goals. Society has made men seem like people that are not meant to hang their hearts on the sleeves.

Trust me, you melt her heart when you look vulnerable and share your problems with her. It reminds her how much of a good friend you two are aside from your love life. You opening up to her makes her feel very secured and reassures her how much you trust her.

3. Text her

If you don’t do lots of text or chat, make it a habit. Texts are an easy way to surprise her randomly throughout the day especially when there is some sought of distance with words of love and affection.

The beauty of texting is that if you’re a little shy about expressing yourself like me, you can do so over text message and no one can hear you!.

You can have a private conversation with your partner that no one else can overhear. Sending her a text out of the blue lets her know you think about her while you’re apart.

4. Surprise her with a gift

It is bad how we halt the very things we use to do at the beginning of relationships. It’s totally sad, it almost makes it seem like it was only a means to some ends. Some men pride themselves with sarcastic statements like “ever seen a politician still campaign after his win”.

If you really like her much as she does you need to continually surprise her with gifts like you use to. It must not be an ostentatious gift. It could be her compilation of her favorite songs on a disc or probably her favorite pastries or something.

5. Take her Out

Why would you find it so hard to take your women out, especially when you both aren’t doing anything anyway? If you’re not busy and she wants to go to the mall, go with her.

You both can also watch a movie together in a cinema near you or take her to witness the game by your favorite football club or something. Even if it was her idea and you didn’t want to go, just behave like you want to be there and you might be surprised with her appreciation later on.

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