Some of the Housemates are falling for their Housemates, see who and for whom


While the housemates were preparing for and doing their Task they were chatting away about lots of different and interesting topics. Bambam and Tobi had a long chat about relationships and Leo spoke about how it felt to be brought up by a single mother and he said that he knows how difficult it is being a woman.

Cee-C, in the meanwhile was talking about how her demeanour sometimes rubs people up the wrong way, something she is working on. Teddy A and Angel just want to play music and they do just that with Teddy A singing to Angel’s guitar playing.

Meanwhile, Nina broke down and was inconsolable as she eventually admitted to Bitto that she was falling for flyboy Miracle. We guess that he is going to break a few hearts this season. Dee-One spent much of the day making the girls laugh and he also revealed that he was scared of being Evicted, don’t they all.

It is early days and it seems as if nobody is bowing to any of Biggie’s pressure yet but that will soon change as Biggie ups the ante with each day that progresses.

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