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Some Rare Facts about nature


A few days, a good dose of fiction will blow your imagination, but today it may be time for this old dose of reality offered by science. These fascinating facts give credence to the saying that reality surpasses fiction. Here we present 16 strange pieces that you would not even imagine the most experienced writer.

Clandestine planets

Did you know that there are millions of clandestine planets sailing through the galaxy? They do notorbit an star and move in empty spaces. Supposedly, there are billions of these planets in the galaxy of the Milky Way.

Giant dragonflies

The dragonfly to Meganeura saw300 million years ago and it was not a plague of small size. It had a wingspan of more than half a meter.

The brisk moon

The moon reduces the rhythm of the earth. Each century the rotation of the moon adds 1.7 milliseconds a day. If you do the account, 350 million years ago, one year had 385 days.

The white of marijuana

The system responsible for regulating human mood, appetite, pain sensation and memory is called sistem to Endocannabinoid .It is the same system that affects THC in marijuana .

Oranges that are not oranges

Some types of oranges that grow near the Ecuador remain green, in spite of being mature. These species are exposed to direct sunlight, causing them to retain green chlorophyll. Farmers use ethylene gas, immersion in ice water or wax to try to remove chlorophyll, since consumers would not buy green oranges.

The highest cliff of the solar system

The highest cliff of the solar system is known as Verona Rupes . Located on the moon of Uranus, called Miranda; This imposingly high cliff has a height of 6.2 miles.

The Tunguska event

In 1908, an asteroid exploded 5 miles above the surface of the Earth. The reason? The thick atmosphere of the Earth. Fortunately, he landed in a remote part of Russia, and no one was injured. Unfortunately, it destroyed more than 80 million trees.

The great flood

5.3 million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea had separated and dried. A massive flood, the tide of Zanclean , caused the water of the Atlantic Ocean to extend from the Strait of Gibraltar for several months, filling the sea.

The solar corona

The plasma that surrounds the sun, called the Sun Crown, is actually hundreds of times hotter than the surface of the sun. This baffles scientists, who are still trying to figure out why.

Where can a lightning bolt fall twice …

Lake d and Maracaibo , and n Venezuela, sees as many rays of the planet. Specifically 150 nights of lightning a year, 10 hours a day and approximately 280 times per hour.

The best toaster in the world

A single bolt of lightning produces enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread. That’s what I call cooking efficiently.

The oval planet

In 2004 a dwarf planet called Haumea was discovered , and it was named after the goddess of Hawaiian childbirth . This little planet has been spinning so fast that it now has an oval shape.

Multiple genitalia

Nature has provided marsupials, like the koalas and kangaroos, some genitals more. The males have two penises and the females three vaginas, one to give birth and the other two for sex .

The Russian planet

The surface of Pluto is smaller than that of Russia. Russia measures 6.6 million square meters, while Pluto only 6.4; therefore corresponds to a classification of human planets.

The Devil’s Kettle waterfall

An unusual Minnesota waterfall , remains a mystery to many. Geologists are trying to figure out the depth of their fall, and where their mouths are going to stop. They have tried to tint the water, throw ping-pong balls, and other objects in the river, without blunt answers.

The saber-tooth feline

The canines of this feline took three years to develop. They grew at an incredible rate of 60cm per month

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